Camping is a recreational activity of staying and sleeping outdoors for a certain time period. It is an outdoor activity that involves staying away from the cities and towns in the lap of nature, usually using tents or specially designed vehicles.

The classical camping trip involves staying within a tent far away from the developed towns and cities. Camping outdoors can connect one’s directly to the earth and the sky remembering him about the grandness of nature.

Camping is a great pleasuring experience to escape the day-to-day drudgery, tensions and spend our precious time within mother nature. Camping is all about fun and adventure, just imagine the feeling of living simplistically within a tent sleeping under the natural blanket full of stars.

Camping is not just about living outdoors but is feeling the vibes of the surrounding by nature contacted with a variety of trees, birds, and animals. Camping is one of the best adventure activities that act as a great stress buster.

Earlier Camping was only a rough and back-to-nature leisure time activity famous among adventure lovers, but now it has become a standard holiday activity for a vast number of ordinary families. Camping provides a range of approaches and opportunities to outdoor accommodation.

Some of the people go camping in a forest, mountain-top, national park, and near the side of a river or lake. While others prefer privately-owned campsites and specially designed recreational vehicles, it just depends upon one’s preference.

Even camping can be combined with other adventure activities such as hiking, canoeing, rock-climbing, canoeing, river-rafting, trekking, kayaking, fishing, and a lot more which makes camping a lot more fun. One such example of such activity is Fastpacking which involves camping along with running. Camping trips can be full of fun and enjoyment if organized properly.

What is camping?

There is no significant universal definition regarding camping. Any form of staying outdoors with some purpose and intention can be regarded as camping. Camping is not only limited to rough and tough activity but today there are numerous camping varieties ranging from simplistic ones to luxurious ones.

The all-different types of camping depend upon personal preferences. Basically, camping is a combination of both intention and nature of the activities involved. The same campground can serve adventure enthusiasts, business guests, travel lovers, families, and the homeless at the same time.

A tent used by children for playing purposes may imitate camp in design but, it lacks the basic spirit, intent, and meaning of real camping. Camping is just all about experiencing the calm and best creative version of yourself within the pleasant nature.

Camping is that experience that one should obviously try in its life as a properly planned camping trip can do wonders for people stuffed with stress and worries.

History of Camping

This pleasuring activity had an interesting history, and its credit goes to Thomas Hiram Holding, who was a British traveling tailor. Thomas Hiram Holding is regarded as the father of modern camping, who in 1908 wrote the first edition of The Camper’s Handbook.

Holding’s passion for camping developed in his childhood when he travelled the United States along with his parents in a wagon train. In 1853 he as a boy crossed the prairies of the United States, covering 1,900 km in a wagon train.

He later made frequent camping trips within two years using a canoe on a cruise in the Scotland Highlands. Earlier before the Holding, the camping equipment was very heavy. Later at the age of 52, Holding designed a small and lightweight tent that could be carried on a bicycle.

He then carried the tents on the bicycle and went out on a three-day cycle tour in Ireland with his son and other two friends. All four individuals accomplished together with their cycling journey along with camping and sailing for many years.

By the end of the year 1989, Holding’s wrote another book, Cycle and Camp. In this book, he described the journey of the four individuals and how this kind of marvelous journey could be enjoyed by anyone for a little cost.

In 1901, Holding’s book Cycle and the Camp led to the formation of the first camping club in the world, the Association of Cycle Campers which later become the Camping and Caravanning Club. In 1908, he wrote another book, The Campers Handbook sharing his valuable experience and knowledge about the basics of camping for the people trying camping first time.

He also described his enthusiasm for the great eminent outdoors with the world. The Cunningham’s camp was the first commercial camping ground in the world opened in 1894. Later in 1906, the Association of Cycle Campers having several hundred members opened its first camping site in Weybridge.

After World War I, the Association of Cycle Campers reincarnated when Sir Robert Baden-Powell became its president. Robert played a major role in the boom and establishment of camping organizations in several Western countries.

In 1932 the International Federation of Camping Clubs (FICC) was formed as the first international camping organization, with affiliations of national camping clubs from all over the world. Now camping all over the world had gained huge popularity and massive advancements, making it a common adventure activity today.

Types of Camping

The basic idea of camping is simple, you just spend a few nights outdoor in your campsite within a tent or any other substitute. People are usually filled with a range of unique ideas when it comes to camping. Camping had been around for a very long time and from previous years many advances took place in the camping industry.

Different types of camping had been developed. Not all types of camping work the same, it just depends on the techniques, lifestyle, transportation, and type of tents and equipment used.

Camping is one of the most famous recreational activities all around the world and it deserves that position. Camping provides inner peace to one’s mind and a beautiful life remembering experience. Depending upon your goal there are different types of camping some of which are listed below:

Tent Camping

This is the most basic and popular camping type all over the world. Tent Camping is quite simple, you just need to head over to a perfect campsite location and pitch your tent and sleeping there for some nights.

You can choose your preferred campsite from a variety of options including forest, green fields, park, private campground, a riverside, a beach or many more. Just ensure that the campsite you are willing to camp on should be flat ground, with no pebbles or tree roots so you don’t get a problem while sleeping.

Tent camping is the perfect type for those who are new to camping as they can get started without spending a lot of money. Tent camping is completely worth it providing a lifelong experience. It is a perfect option for families camping along with their children.


Backpacking involves spending the all-day walking through nature carrying your gear, tent, and equipment on your back. After traveling throughout the whole day, you can pitch your lightweight tent at the right spot for camping. Backpacking involves walking or hiking during the day and then camping at night.

This type of camping gives you an opportunity to come more closer to nature, spending few days hiking and sleeping within nature. Backpacking can serve as therapy because in backpacking you are constantly moving and discovering new things about nature.

Before heading to backpacking, carry the right type of lightweight material with you and just inform others about your backpacking trip, as in the case of emergency you may get a rescue. This type of camping can last anywhere from one night to several months.


The term Glamping is referred to as “Glamorous Camping”. Over the past few years, it is the most rapidly growing camping type across the globe. Glamping is as glamorous as its name; it combines the hotel experience with traditional camping. It is the best option for those who want to enjoy the luxuries and facilities of the hotel within a traditional tent.

If you are planning your first camping trip and don’t want to sacrifice the hotel experience, then Glamping is the best option for you. You can experience the positive aspects of camping without sacrificing your comfort.

You don’t have to carry the tent and equipment all along your trip. Glamping is much more than pitching a traditional tent and provide various options such as cabins, tent, villas, lodges, yachts, tipis, pods, and treehouses.

RV and Van Camping

In this type, you can enjoy camping within a recreational vehicle specially designed for camping. Alike Glamping, if you want to enjoy the comfort and facilities of home within camping, then this is the right option.

Camping in a recreational vehicle or van gives you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, where you are surrounded by a house like an environment. It is simple, within the van you can carry anything according to your needs, you can park the van anywhere and don’t need to worry about rain.

It includes almost everything that you enjoy at home including a bed, a small fridge, and entertainment stuff. You don’t need to carry camping equipments within your back as in the case of backpacking. RV camping combines camping along with the mobility provided by a vehicle.

Canoe camping

It is quite different from another type described above, in this, you have to travel through water using a canoe. It provides you more freedom and advantages of traveling through the water as you don’t have to worry much about the weight of the gears and equipment carried through the trip.

You will be able to discover great places that are not easily accessible by road or hiking. Canoe camping is somehow like backpacking, as similar to backpacking you can carry enough to spend several days and instead of hiking trails, you will be traveling through the water in your canoe.

 Alike backpacking you can come closer to nature and can enjoy the peace and calmness offered by water. It is important to put rainfall and storms into consideration as they can change the water flow easily. It is advisable to inform someone earlier before your trip begins.

Benefits of Camping

Strong relationship building

Camping can even be pursued individually but it is more fun when enjoyed in the company or group of people. Camping is suited best to chill out with your friends and even with your family. Camping can be enjoyed by any age group from a young child to an old one.

It is one of the best options for families traveling with their children as it creates a chance for bonding and learning together. It provides a nice opportunity to teach your kids closely about nature and help them teaching them some cool stuff away from mobile phones, video games, and modern gadgets.

Budget Friendly

Camping is the right option for students who are admiring to go on a college trip. It is the easiest and most convenient way to get a closer detailed look at mother nature. Camping provides a variety of facilities depending on one’s budget which makes camping budget friendly.

Camping is fun when enjoyed along with mates or friends, just imagine you all sitting up by the beautiful bonfire, sharing some horror and personal stories. Camping provides an option for any kind of team building. The best thing about camping is, it satisfies all the needs of a student looking for an affordable and delightful trip.

Stress reduction

Day-to-day drudgery and workload bring stress to your life, and the collected stress can negatively affect your body in every possible way. Camping is the right choice to cope up with your stress. At the point, you are outside from our busy and scheduled lifestyle in a natural environment, you feel relaxed and burden-free.

While camping you don’t take that much strain on your body and mind which makes you feel relaxed. Another benefit of stress reduction due to camping is, the melatonin level increases in the body which helps you to enjoy better sleep.

Detoxification of mind and body

Camping is just enjoying yourself and the nature that surrounds you. It is a great option to get far miles away from any civilization. Camping provides enormous health benefits such as stress reduction, increased sleep quality, improved moods, relaxed body. The beautiful and splendid sunrises and sunsets pleasure the soul.

Camping doesn’t only detoxify the outer body but the mind too. Meditation is the main reason why people prefer camping, just leave your gadgets for a few days and spend your time camping and meditating within nature, you will get miraculous results.

Camping Essentials

If you are planning to camp, then there are several types of equipment that you must carry out with you such as a tent, sleeping bag, water bottle, flashlight/torch, lighter, multitool, survival kit, camp stove, a location map, high-quality survival knife, medical supplies, sleeping bag, blanket, towel, insect repellents, hammer, axe, tarpaulin, rainproof clothes, sunscreen, compass, camping utensils, fire extinguisher, toilet paper, appropriate clothes, soap, antiseptic wipes, antacid, food stock. And if you are booking the camping slot from a local business and company, then don’t worry that much about the above types of equipment.

Camping Tips

  • Without permission don’t intrude on the territory of other residents living near the campsite.
  • Try to avoid excess usage of mobile phones and other electronic devices and try to connect the nature around you.
  • Don’t forget to carry a first aid kit and insect repellants as they might help you.
  • Carry your own towel during the trip as using another’s infectious towel may worry you.
  • Try to come in a company or group of people, as it can make the whole experience more fun.
  • Keep a water bottle and some food stock as you might need in an emergency.
  • Try to coordinate and make an introduction with other people who came there for camping.
  • Don’t through the garbage anywhere outside and try to keep the environment clean.
  • Don’t disturb the animals and inhabitants of the nearby area and try to keep your camp clean.
  • At least once, try to meditate during your camping trip and feel the serenity and peace that it provides.