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Want to enjoy your holidays in a peaceful place packed with thrill. Then, Bir is the right destination for you. Bir is a quaint village located in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley in the Himachal Pradesh on the northern side of India and is close to many other amazing destinations like Palampur, Mcleodganj, Barot, Baijnath, etc. Bir is the right spot for ecotourism, spiritual studies, and meditation activities as it is home to many Tibetans with several Buddhist monasteries. The one thing for which the Bir Billing is internationally recognized is its Paragliding activities.

Bir Billing is said to be one of the best paragliding spots in Asia and ranked as second best in the World. Apart from being known for Paragliding, this place is also known for its Tibetan heritage and is a great destination to experience Tibetan Culture. Here, you can enjoy an amazing tour of beautiful mountains and monasteries, a number of peaceful places, watch beautiful sunsets, or trek and camp at some beautiful locations. 

Geography of Bir Billing: 
Bir is located in the foothills of the Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas. It is a quaint type of hill station located in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is near about  65 km from Dharamshala and a spot of attraction to many tourists interested in adventure sports activities.

Bir is also referred to as “Paragliding Capital of India”. The thermal conditions that Bir Billing experience, is one of the best factor suited for Paragliding. It is about 1350mts. above sea level. The altitude of the main Paragliding take-off site(Billing) is 2430mts. from the sea level.

Orientation of Bir Billing: 
The main historical center of Bir is located in the Upper Bir. It is a village having Pahadi settlement of Bhangalia’s(A Rajput clan
belonging to the Chandravanshi Kshatriya lineage, who had migrated from Bhangal) and local Pahari people of Kangra District. The other inhabitant here is a ‘Tibetan Refugee settlement’ who reside in the lower area of Bir known as ‘Tibetan Colony’ having Buddhist Stupas and Monasteries.  
The Bir Tibetan Colony is located at the western end of the Chowgan Village. It is near about 3-4 km from the Upper Bir and can be reached by taxi within 10-15 minutes.

The Palpung Sherabling Monastery known for its Tibetan heritage is near about 7.5 km from the Upper Bir.

The famous Dharmalaya Institute (Sikh Retreat Centre) is located in the Ghornala village, which is midway between Bir and Sansal(approx. 4.5 km from Bir)

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How to reach Bir Billing?

Routes and their distances to Bir Billing:
1.Delhi – Chandigarh – Kharad-Kiratpur – Una – Jawalazi – Kangra – Palampur – Bir Billing (approx. 530 km)

2.Delhi – Chandigarh – Kharad-Kiratpur – Bilaspur – Mandi – Jogindernagar – Bir Billing (approx. 520 km)

3.Chandigarh – Una – Jawalaji – Kangra – Palampur – Bir -Billing (approx. 310 km)

4.Chandigarh – Bilaspur – Mandi – Jogindernagar – Bir-Billing (
approx. 275 km)

5.Manali – Mandi – Jogindernagar –Bir Road- Bir Billing(
approx. 178 km)

6.Dharamshala – Palampur – Baijnath- Bir Billing(
approx. 72 km)

7.Pathankot – Palampur –Baijnath- Bir Billing(
approx. 145 km)

These are the various routes to reach Bir Billing. You can follow any of it to come here. If you are coming here with your car, then the best route is Route-
1. This route is a bit long but you will enjoy a safe and smooth ride. The route of Pathankot can be used if you are traveling by train till Pathankot. 

The route 3 of Chandigarh is also best for car travelers coming from Chandigarh. Other routes can be used if you are traveling from nearby destinations like Manali and Dharamshala where you can make the use of various HRTC’s and other private buses.

Bir by Road: 
The nearest bus terminal to Bir Billing is Baijnath Bus Station. Baijnath Station is well connected with daily buses from Delhi, Chandigarh, and various routes. There are various Himachal Pradesh Government Buses from different routes. There are several deluxe, ac, and non-ac government buses to several routes. 

For Delhi and Chandigarh travelers, private owned several deluxe buses are there which will drop you up to Chougan, from where you can simply hire a taxi. Chougan is the last station and nearest to the Bir. Only private-owned deluxe buses drop you at Chougan, whereas the HRTC Volvo will drop you at Proper BirFrom Manali route, you can directly take a bus up to Bir Road from where you can directly head up a bus up to BirFrom Dharamshala and Pathankot route, you can directly book a bus up to Baijnath. Then there are various buses to Bir from Baijnath. For any doubts regarding the bus journey, simply contact us, we will help you by telling all the possible routes and bus stop for the journey.  

Bir by Train:
The nearest railhead to Bir Billing is Pathankot Railway Station. The station has connectivity to various cities and a number of regular trains come here. The station is near about 130 km from Bir. From this station, you can take a local train up to Ahju railway station which is about 7-8km from Bir. Or else take a bus from Pathankot up to Baijnath Bus Station and then a local bus to Bir from Baijnath. You can even book a cab from Pathankot to Bir which will nearly cost you about 2500-3500Rs. Approx. 

Bir by Air:
The nearest airport terminal to Bir is Gaggal Airport. You can book several domestic and economic flights here. After reaching the Gaggal Airport you can book a taxi directly which will cost you 1500-2000 Rs.66 or else head up to Dharamshala bus stop(approx.13 km from Airport) from where you can take either taxi or bus.

Best time to visit Bir Billing:
As similar to many other hill stations, Bir is a perfect destination to visit throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Bir Billing depends upon the type of activities you are willing to do here. Here, every season comes in its natural form. 
There are various seasons to discover the glimpses of Bir Billing which are described below:
Summer Season: The summer season here starts from the month of March and ends till June. The weather during the season is pleasant and cool. This season is best for those who want to escape the dry heat of cities during the Summer Season. You have a range of activities to do during the season such as paragliding, trekking, camping, bungee jumping, and so on. The season is suitable for long flights and a better paragliding experience. 

Monsoon Season:  Monsoon season begins here from the mid of July up to September. Monsoon here comes with heavy rain and storms. During this time period, Paragliding is shut down in Bir Billing. There is no exact date for the shutting and restarting of the paragliding for the year. It generally depends upon the weather conditions. 

During the monsoon season you can also go for short day hikes to the nearby waterfalls, river pools, and other charming destinations. Also, the valley looks fresh and grassy which is quite calming. 

Winter Season: The Winter season here marks its presence from the month of October to the end of February. In all honesty, wintertime is the best season for Paragliding at Bir Billing. You have clear skies, good air current, and a number of awesome snowfalls between this season. You just have to trek for 2-3 km. to reach the take off-site. But the experience is completely worth it.

This is an ideal time interval for both Solo and Tandem Paragliding. The view in the winter months is completely awesome, mountains covered with awesome white snow and beautiful sceneries. Most of the people choose this period for trekking, camping, and paragliding in the Bir Billing Valley

bir billing

ATM and cash availability:

Most of the shops here accepts cash only. Only a few here provide online mode of transaction. Discussing the ATM facility, main Chougan area have only 1-2 ATM’s. In case of insufficient cash in the ATM, you have to visit Bir Road (Manali highway link) to access other ATM’s. Therefore, it is recommended to keep some sort of cash with you.

What to do in Bir Billing?

·        Paragliding in Bir Billing
·        Camping at various sites in Bir
·        Trekking through various routes
·        Raj Gundha village Trek
·        Bungee jumping
·        Sky Cycling
·        Hanuman Garh Trek
·        Explore Ghornala Village
·        Mountain biking for half to a full day
·        Bir to Billing Trek
·        Visit Shiv Mandir Baijnath
·        Visits to various monasteries in Tibet Colony and Chauntra
·        Visit famous Palpung Sherabling Monastery
·        Sight seeking at various points
·        Trying Tibetan Cuisines
·        Discovering numerous cafes and restaurants

Packages in Bir Billing:
·        Paragliding in Bir Billing – Medium Flying
·        Paragliding in Bir Billing- Long Flying
·        Camping and Paragliding at Bir Billing
·        Paragliding, camping, trekking to Rajgundha
·        Trek to Bara Bhangal
·        Trek to Hanuman Garh

For details and booking of any of the packages described above, just simply contact us. We will handle everything for you at an affordable price. 

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