Bir Billing Paragliding

We human beings always had a desire to fly in the high blue sky. This desire had come true in the past few years with the help of a number of techniques and advancements in technology. Paragliding is one of the techniques, involving flying low over mountainous terrains, in the open winds. Paragliding can fulfill one’s dream to fly in the air like a bird.

A lot of people have a wish list of the things that they want to do before they reach a certain age. Paragliding appears in these lists are very often and for good reason. Paragliding is a type of recreational and adventure sport of flying pilots with the help of their gliders. It is a way of flying in the air with the help of a para-glider that allows the pilot to fly freely taking advantage of wind currents.

The normal para-glider does not have any kind of motor or engine to propel itself. The one having a small engine with a propeller on the back is called a para-motor glider in which an engine is there to propel it, but in the case of Paragliding, we perform only free flight without a motor.

Even without the use of the engine, the paragliding flights can last up to hours and can cover many hundreds of kilometers. But basically, flights of one or two hours are carried out, covering some tens of kilometers. To fly a paraglider, one needs hard practice and a good amount of knowledge about Paragliding to perform this adventurous skill.
One important thing to be remembered is that the sport of paragliding is all based on the thermals and air current. So, if the weather is too cloudy then you might not be able to glide until it clears up. But the wait is always worth it, you get a mind-blowing experience.

Bir Billing: 

Bir is a village located in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley in the Himachal Pradesh on the northern side of India. It is near about 70 km from Dharamshala(Himachal Pradesh) and is close to many other amazing destinations like Palampur, Mcleodganj, Barot, Baijnath, etc. Bir is the right spot for ecotourism, spiritual studies, and meditation activities as it is home to many Tibetans with several Buddhist monasteries.
Here, you can enjoy an amazing tour of beautiful mountains and monasteries, a number of peaceful places, watch beautiful sunsets, or trek and camp at some beautiful locations. But the one thing for which the Bir Billing is most famous is its Paragliding activities. Bir Billing is said to be one of the best paragliding spots in Asia and ranked as second best in the World.

The Billing (the main take-off site) is situated on the top of the hill, in the Greater region and is 14 KM away from the main Bir village. Those who love adventure, Bir Billing is the right place for them.

Why Bir Billing for paragliding?  
There are a number of paragliding sites in India such as Manali, Goa, Yalagiri, etc. But Bir is an internationally recognized paragliding site, where every year a number of paragliding enthusiasts come from all around the world. The flying season in Bir is majorly from September to October and some flying also is done in November. Bir Billing is said to be one of the best paragliding spots in Asia and ranked as second best in the World. Also, Asia’s first-ever Paragliding World Cup had been organized here in October 2015. A total of 140 flyers had participated in the event. There are a lot of reasons to have paragliding at Bir Billing. Some of them are listed below:

1)Major Paragliding Hub: Bir Billing is a major paragliding hub in India. There are a numerous number of learning schools and licensed pilots in the area that will teach you paragliding and will make you a pro in a short interval of time. A maximum of trained pilots here have an experience of more than 5 years.

Even some of the well-named pilot here have an experience of more than 10years. And almost all of the pilots and schools here have an appropriate license and certifications, so there is no issue about safety as well. They can easily convert ones from a noob to pro in paragliding. Also, Billing at a height of 2400m from the sea level and favorable air conditions make it one of the most favored places for paragliding.

2)Good Cloud Base: For flying high in the sky, a high cloud base is required. Cloud base simply refers to the base of the cloud and is measured in meters/feet above sea level. Higher the cloud base, the higher the heights attained by the Paragliding Pilots. Billing has approx.4000-6000 meters of cloud base which makes it easier to attain more height while flying.

3)Suitable Air Currents: As we have mentioned earlier, the Bir Billing region receives adequate thermals and air currents which provide a perfect uplift to the paraglider. These air currents allow you to easily enjoy 15-20 minutes of Tandem Flying. Bir Billing gets an average thermal of 5m per second, which proves Billing as one of the best paragliding sites in the world.

4)Awesome views of the beauty of Bir: Bir Billing is surrounded by tea gardens and pine forests, with lots of small and big water streams along the snow-covered Dhauladhar mountains in the Kangra Distt. of Himachal Pradesh and is the calmest and exciting at the same time. Paragliding provides the most gorgeous views of the beauty of nature here. It provides an excellent pleasuring experience that will fill you with peace and charm. And not only that, paragliding during the time of sunset time appears to be more magical and charming. The beautiful sunsets here will help you in enhancing your paragliding experience. 

5) Best Takeoff And Landing Sites: The site where you take off need extremely smooth winds. The Billing’s take off-site has awesome wind flow fulfilling all the conditions for a better flight. The Landing site requires a zone where the threat of accidents is minimum and in any case, quick help is provided. The landing site in Bir Billing(at Chougan) fulfills all the conditions. Also, The Bir Billing has been internationally recognized for paragliding activities. 

History of Billing: 

A few years ago, Bir Billing was not as much popularised as it is now. Navin Sarin was the first man responsible for bringing Paragliding to the Valley. It took nearly four decades to bring such a village to the limelight. It gains popularity in 1984 when an International Hand Gliding Rally was organized here. From that day it has been regarded as one of the Paragliding Site in the world. Now a lot of events such as “First Paragliding World Cup” in Asia had been organized here in October 2015 and many others such as Pre Paragliding World Cups.

Various Paragliding options available at Bir Billing:
Solo Paragliding: In Solo Paragliding, a single person is able to fly the para-glider in the air. A person must have proper certificates and license to enjoy Solo Paragliding. To get certificates, one has to do a paragliding course of 12-15 days.

For Solo Paragliding, a person needs to go to the edge of a high sloppy hill and gear himself with all the required equipment for flying. Then he needs to check the wind conditions and if the conditions are favorable, then he simply needs to run from the top of the sloppy hill and make a jump while running after which he gets lifted upwards by air. 

For Solo Paragliding, one needs to be fully trained in Paragliding. Bir Billing is famous for Solo Paragliding as well, a lot of people from all over the world come here for Solo Paragliding.

Tandem paragliding: Unlike Solo Paragliding, Tandem Paragliding does not deal you with paragliding license and certificates. Tandem Flying is for those who are inexperienced and basically do not know how to control a para-glider. Simply, it is for those who used to enjoy the flying thrills without having any paragliding skills.

In Tandem Paragliding, there are 2 persons flying together with a single para-glider. One must be a well trained and experienced pilot among them. The pilot usually sits behind the other person and he is the one who is fully responsible for flying the para-glider during the flight time. He will handle all the controls of the Paraglider while the other person simply enjoys the view.

This is a good option for those who aren’t likely to have a paragliding course and just simply wants to experience the flying thrill and adventure. An average Tandem Paragliding will last for 15-20 minutes depending upon the climatic conditions and wind directions. Simply, the better the climatic conditions, the more will be the time of the paragliding flight.

Long Flights: As we have mentioned earlier, that the paragliding flights can cover up to hundreds of kilometers and can be carried out up to hours. So, there is another option of Long Flights for the people who would like to spend more time gliding in the sky. This usually lasts between 50-60 minutes and can cost you any amount between 5000-6000Rs.

Also, there are various ranges of Long Flights such as flying from Billing to Manali, etc. which will charge you depending upon the time taken and distance traveled.

Best Time for Paragliding in Bir Billing: 

Paragliding in Bir Billing is open throughout the year, except for the monsoon season. As located in the foothills of the Dhauladhar Mountain range of the Himalayas, which provide amazing weather conditions throughout the year. Here, Every season comes in its full natural beauty. The monsoon season comes here with a vast amount of rain. But it doesn’t mean that other remaining months of the year do not provide you favorable conditions for paragliding. We have discussed the experience of all type of seasons below:

Summer Season: The summer season here starts from the month of March and ends till June. The season is suitable for long flights and a better paragliding experience. But sometimes, due to strong winds and unexpected storm and rains, paragliding get occasionally closed due to bad weather gets clear within no time. If you have a couple of days to spend here, then no need to worry. Bir Billing is located in the foothills of the Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas, which provide amazing weather conditions throughout the year. 

Monsoon Season: Monsoon Season begins here from the mid of July up to September. Monsoon here comes with heavy rain and storms. During this time period, Paragliding is shut down in Bir Billing. There is no exact date for the closing and restarting of the paragliding for the year. It generally depends upon the weather conditions. If you have any doubts regarding paragliding here, then you can contact Himalayan Fever and many other paragliding companies here to confirm whether Paragliding is open or not. 

Winter Season: The Winter season here marks its presence from the month of October to the end of February. In all honesty, wintertime is the best season for Paragliding at Bir Billing. You have clear skies, good air current and a number of awesome snowfalls between this season.  

This is an ideal time interval for both Solo and Tandem Paragliding. The view in the winter months is completely awesome, mountains covered with awesome white snow and beautiful sceneries. Most of the people choose this period for trekking, camping, and paragliding in the Bir Billing Valley.

How safe is the Paragliding?

As in the case with most adventure sports, there is always some risk even after you have done all the preparations. Sometimes bad climatic conditions or some accidental damage can often cause problems while flying.

We at Himalayan Fever try to minimize the risk using approved safety equipment such as helmet, suitable footwear, and an emergency para-glider in case any incident occurs. We also believe that the best way to prevent accidents during paragliding is to fly only under favorable weather conditions, supporting air currents and experienced pilots. We provide Tandem flights only if the conditions are completely favorable, without taking any risks neither for the client and nor for the pilot. 

Just to remember all the pilots here are highly trained and do their job well. So, let the pilot do his job and you just enjoy your flight. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, remember we always have a backup for such occasions.

How to reach Bir Billing?

Routes and their distances to Bir Billing:

1.Delhi – Chandigarh – Kharad-Kiratpur – Una – Jawalazi – Kangra – Palampur – Bir Billing (approx. 530 km)

2.Delhi – Chandigarh – Kharad-Kiratpur – Bilaspur – Mandi – Jogindernagar – Bir Billing (approx. 520 km)

3.Chandigarh – Una – Jawalaji – Kangra – Palampur – Bir -Billing (approx. 310 km)

4.Chandigarh – Bilaspur – Mandi – Jogindernagar – Bir-Billing (approx. 275 km)

5.Manali – Mandi – Jogindernagar –Bir Road- Bir Billing (approx. 178 km)

6.Dharamshala – Palampur – Baijnath- Bir Billing (approx. 72 km)

7.Pathankot – Palampur –Baijnath- Bir Billing (approx. 145 km)

These are the various routes to reach Bir Billing. You can follow any of it to come here. If you are coming here with your car, then the best route is Route-1. This route is a bit long but you will enjoy a safe and smooth ride. The route of Pathankot can be used if you are traveling by train till Pathankot. 

Route 3 of Chandigarh is also best for car travelers coming from Chandigarh. Other routes can be used if you are traveling from nearby destinations like Manali and Dharamshala.

Buses to Reach Bir Billing: 

The nearest bus terminal to Bir Billing is Baijnath Bus Station. Baijnath Station is well connected with daily buses from Delhi, Chandigarh and various routes. There are various Himachal Pradesh Government Buses from different routes. There are several deluxe, ac and non-ac government buses to several routes.

For Delhi and Chandigarh travelers, private-owned several deluxe buses are there which will drop you up to Chougan, from where you can simply hire a taxi. Chougan is the last station and nearest to the Bir. Only private-owned deluxe buses drop you at Chougan , whereas the HRTC Volvo will drop you at Proper Bir.

For any doubts regarding the bus journey, simply contact us, we will help you by telling all the possible routes and bus stops for the journey.

Bir Billing by Train:

The nearest railhead to Bir Billing is Pathankot Railway Station. The station has connectivity to various cities and a number of regular trains come here. The station is near about 130 km from Bir. From this station, you can take a local train up to Ahju railway station which is about 7-8km from Bir. Or else take a bus from Pathankot up to Baijnath Bus Station and then a local bus to Bir from Baijnath. You can even book a cab from Pathankot to Bir which will nearly cost you about 2500-3500Rs. Approx. 


For any car rental services and bus bookings for your trips from Delhi(all Locations), just simply contact us. We will handle everything for you at an affordable price. 

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